Appearance characteristics
Milky liquid
Mechanism of action
This product after spraying or injection in systems that produce foam

It immediately reaches the surface of the liquid and attacks the foam bubbles at a very high speed, breaking the foam and destroying it.

Also, the presence of this substance in the system prevents the formation of foam during the operation of the system in the next stages.


In food processing processes, oil and gas industries, chemical production, fermentation, textile industry production,

Printing glue, coating ink and resin in mixing, dilution, filtration and any process

It is possible to create a floor.

20 liter gallon packaging

In case of customer’s order, it is also possible to pack in other volumes.

Antifoam is a chemical additive that reduces and prevents foam formation;

which is created during a liquid chemical process. In chemical processes, floors,

They cause many serious problems. They cause problems on the covering surface

And they prevent from using all the capacity of the material carrying container



Floors, especially in industrial processes, are serious problems

Among other things, defects in the surface coatings prevent the containers from being completely filled and cause the possibility of overflowing.

To avoid such problems, it is important to choose the right foam.

To choose the best foam, each one must be evaluated separately by laboratory tests.

What is antifoam?

Antifoams are used to prevent the formation of foam in the production process.

Foam, especially in industrial processes, causes serious problems, including defects in surface coatings,

Preventing containers from being completely filled and overfilling them. To avoid such problems,

Choosing the right antifoam is important. To choose the best defoamer, each of them must be evaluated separately with laboratory tests.

One of the basic features of the defoamer product is its low viscosity and the ability to spread it quickly on floor surfaces.

It depends on the air-liquid level and destabilizes the floor layers. this

It causes the air bubbles to burst and destroy the surface of the floor.

Inlet bubbles are collected and larger bubbles rise to the surface of the liquid faster.

Antifoam is a chemical additive known by other names such as antifoam.

Also known as defoamer or defoamer, it prevents the formation of foam or foam in liquids.

The performance of this material is such that it creates instability on the floor and removes the foam or small and large bubbles.

Types of anti-foam

  • Alcoholic antifoam
  • Silicone anti-foam
  • Non-silicone anti-foam

Anti-foam features

  1. Effectiveness and efficiency
  2. Less fare
  3. Chemical stability
  4. Non-toxicity and compatibility with the environment
  5. High flash point
  6. Wide temperature range
  7. High oxidation resistance
  8. Stability in high pressures, deep wells, drilling and underground wells
    Low vapor pressure
    High dielectric strength

What is the reason for using antifoam?

The occurrence of foam in various industries is one of the factors that affect production efficiency.

It will create a negative and downward effect. Foam production involves many problems and adverse effects

on the relevant industry. Therefore, the use of antifoam is essential.

In general, foam is used in food processing, chemical production, fermentation,

textile industry, glue production, printing ink, paint, coating and resin in mixing, filtration,

Dilution, filling of product containers, distillation and reflux occur.

The occurrence of foam in various industries reduces the efficiency of equipment and imposes high costs.

For this reason, the necessary control and measures to eliminate this phenomenon are of great value. In industrial processes,

Foams cause serious problems. They cause defects in surface coatings

And they prevent the efficient filling of containers. In addition, it reduces the speed of chemical reactions.