Poly- Phosphate stone

Poly- Phosphate stone

Poly- Phosphate stone (Food Grid) 20 Kilos carton Heat transformers- alkaline anti- precipitation Acidic- industrial antigerm/silicon Nano- Emulsion / Thermal transformers anti corrosion material.


what is poly phosphate crystal?

One of the main problems of urban water that causes sedimentation in Home equipments and systems and their destruction is high solidity of water and in expression plaster in water. Sedimentation is collection of minerals that enter houses and installations through plumbing. When water is not or some water evaporate, some legers of sediment is made in walls of pipes, reservoirs and faucets. White nitrate present in opening of facets, and sinks, is indication of magnesium and calcium carbonate sediment.

Dissolving some pole- phosphate (25 to 125 m.g in liter) in water prevents from creation of insolvable carbonates and as a result prevents from sedimentation is system. Phosphates are one of the factors of opposition and control of iron ions and water solidity. In addition, this kind of materials control corrosion of metals by making a neutral thin layer over metal surfaces and form of coating. So poly-phosphates don’t decrease water solidity but prevent from creation of Magnesium and calcium sediments. Poly- phosphate crystals are put inside chambers in water current. By passing water from Fillers, poly- phosphate crystals are solved gradually and enter in to water. In fact, they is reluted to the temperature and water solidity and should be dissolved completely during 2 to 5 months. Then poly- phosphate should fillered and Charged by a desirable  poly- phosphate stone

Also, another main point in de-solidity of poly- phosphate is bell quality and the way of caulking filter that not bust or leak in effect of water pressure.

Poly- phosphate anti-sediment is useful for sediments most of the time, and is suggected in regions with water solidity between 150 to 300 miligrams in liter.

Advantages of our product: using most desirable poly- phosphate stone- high construction quality and preparing from proper materials- High efficiency in preventing sedimentation- proper for using in packages, all washing machines, dish- washers water – Heaters and …  .


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